Siena's Half Marathon


Siena's Half Marathon

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Siena's Half Marathon

Hi Everyone,

Siena did it!

She says, "It was super-exciting and I want to do it again! I feel happy that I was able to help Amman Imman. I I think it's very caring of Debbie to help the Azawak people every day of her life. And thank YOU for supporting me!" 

She spent the rest of the day in Healdsburg with our family. She had brunch with her uncle and aunt who came to support her at the finish line. Then she walked around town, stretched at the park and went to a bookstore. She couldn't eat for awhile but when she did, she ATE!  She had pizza and Ethiopian food and she and Aria had a huge bowl of shaved ice with frozen yogurt in the middle (yes, it exists!) She was very, very happy.

Aria was happy and very supportive-handing Siena and Ethan snacks and helping collect their clothes while Monika attempted to take pics while they sped past us! Ethan did great too.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and generous contributions!


Siena, Ethan, Arianna and Monika

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