Snick the Dog's page for NYCSR

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Snick the Dog's page for NYCSR

Celebrating the birthday of Snick the Dog

Snick the Dog's page for NYCSR

UPDATE as of 12/02/2009: We're so excited to have raised $695.00 of our $1000.00 fund raising goal, that we're extending our target date to December 25th to see if we can make it. 


hi friends!

on november 27, i will be SIX YEARS OLD! mom thought long and hard about having a birthday party for me this year but we decided this was a better way to celebrate.

i was lucky enough to be born at the home of a good breeder and then moved to my mom's house to be loved forever by her, her family and her friends. not all doggies are so lucky though. nyc shiba rescue is my favorite charity because they save shiba inus. they are an all volunteer foster organization that takes in shibas and shiba mixes from shelters and people who cant keep them. they foster them (a couple have even lived with me and mom!) until a nice family wants to give them a happy home forever.

unfortunately, because of the economy, nycsr is having a hard time helping shibas right now. that upsets my mom and anything that upsets my mom, upsets me too. i would like all my friends to wish me happy birthday with a gift to nycsr so they can help more shibas. i haz a lot of friends, so if everyone gives even just a dollar or two it will add up. and if you can give more we would really REALLY like that. (oh and your donation is tax deductible.)

we chose to use firstgiving because (1) donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure and (2) you can leave me a little birthday note along with your donation. ^-,-^  this is my birthday party after all, so i want to know who attended!

many thanks for your support and please maybe forward this link to any peeples who you think might also want to help some shibas.

shiba kisses,


This page is no longer accepting donations