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ABC Basset Hound Rescue Spring Basset Blast

Henrietta, New York

Sommer Slavin's Page

ABC Basset Rescue's Spring Basset Blast is coming up April 28th!  Two months prior to the event last year we were heartbroken when we had to put our 13yo foster failure Lacey down due to cancer.  We swore at that point we would stay at just having three dogs because it was just too hard to see them go. Little did we know that is not what life had in store for us.  Brought to the event was a skinny older girl with quite a hobble related to ankle dysplasia.  As she hobbled over to my fiancé and rolled right over for a belly rub and some kisses you could see it was love at first sight.  That day Phoebe was whisked away from the event to trial a car ride and hanging out at work with Ryan.  Three hours later they returned looking like they'd been a pair forever.  When our foster director tried to get her to wear a foster bandana signaling she was adoptable, it was adamantly refused and I knew then we would be up to four dogs again by that evening! 


Phoebe's been with us almost a year now and goes everywhere with Ryan.  There is no business conducted where his basset lady cannot go.  He's even known at many FBO's as the guy that flies with the basset hound.


Though Phoebe came from a good home where her owner fell on hard times, many of these guys come from shelters with no names, broken up puppy mills, or dysfunctional homes where people just don't know how to love a basset with all their quirks.  I feel very fortunate to work with the volunteers of ABC Basset Rescue and hope to continue to help out for years to come.  Would you please consider making a donation to this wonderful group?  Every dollar counts when trying to save a hound!


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