Sonny Casapulla's Page for Team Sal


2012 Lewes Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Sonny Casapulla's Page for Team Sal

Its about that time of year again. When we will be digging through our summer clothes to fetch our swim trunks, flip flops, beach towels, beach umbrellas and sun tan lotion (well, maybe scratch that last one!) on Feb 5th, 2012, to take a dip in the old Atlantic. We will be jumping in to raise a few dollars in the name of a very special young man who is near and dear to all our hearts, and very very special to me, Salvator Haley! And also for a great cause......Special Olympics Delaware!


Last year I had the honor of  being part of "Team Sal" with long time friends Bobby Clark and Danielle Saienni and we had a blast!  After talking about it, Danielle, Bobby and I decided we want to SMASH the goal we set last year of just $1,000! And looking in the $2,000 possibly $3,000+ mark. (Im pretty sure we raised about $1,300 in a little under 6 weeks) so we are dead set on reaching it!!


However, to do that we are going to need an ARMY of supporters and more importantly, JUMPERS, which in our crazy little circle, should not be that tough to find! Like I think we said last year, we have all done crazier things for no reason why not take that little bit of crazy we have in us, and put it towards raising money for a truly heartwarming cause!


And just to maybe clear a few small assumptions you may have or have heard from others.....1.Yes it WAS cold! Outside temp was a pleasant 36 degrees and the water temp was a toasty 42 degrees! 2.Yes it WILL be cold! But most importantly, 3.Your going to have one of the Best times of your life!!


If you would like, you can donate through this web site to make it a simple, fast and secure transaction.


It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. Or if you are unable to get through using a computer, you are more than welcome to see Danielle, Sonny or myself and we'll be sure that your name is added to the list along with a message if you wish!

Thanks a million for your support! We really could not do it without you!


***And whoa! One of the most important aspects of the Plunge, is, well the Plunge!!*** So dont forget this is also an open invitation to anyone who would like to join us in our frigid February adventure into the Atlantic and get that hair a little wet!! As well as to please forward this to anyone who you think may wish to join or donate to our team!


****ALSO***** Make sure you click (copy/paste) this link below to check out some of the fun we had last year!!

Thanks to all for taking the time to check out our little page. We really hope to hear from all of you soon!!


Thanks A Ton---From TEAM SAL


And remember to always **ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE YOU EXPIRE!**


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