Special Olympics Orange County Fall 2017


Special Olympics Orange County Fall 2017

Special Olympics Orange County Fall 2017

Is Giving Your Special Power?

Fall is here, sending hundreds of Special Olympics Orange County athletes to weekly practices on fields, courts, trails, and golf courses in 8 different sports!   You can find our athletes training at multiple CHPR facilities, at UNC as part of their Unified Sports program through Campus Rec, and at several private facilities throughout the county.  We kick balls, we hit balls, we throw balls, we ride bikes -- there's nothing our athletes can't accomplish!

In addition to their weekly practices this fall, Orange county hosted several large invitationals in soccer, golf and tennis.  We brought in hundreds of athletes from across the state to enjoy the fun filled competitions and meals we provided as hosts.

Orange county is now sending 115 athletes and coaches to Charlotte Nov 3-5  for the SONC Fall Tournament in bocce, golf, soccer and tennis.  Trips like these are the highlight of the season for our athletes, and come with a hefty price tag.  Our county is responsible for registration costs, dinner for Friday AND Saturday evenings, van rentals, and any additional uniforms/equipment that may be needed. 

Now it's time for you to show us your super power -- the power of giving!  Please consider assisting us in covering the thousands of dollars it will cost to send our delegation to Fall Tournament, in addition the financial costs of our fall training and tournaments already incurred.

 Your friends and family at Orange County Special Olympics thank you for your support.


Special Olympics Orange County Fall 2017
What's your Super Power?