SOOC (NC) Summer Games Fundraiser


SOOC (NC) Summer Games Fundraiser

SOOC (NC) Summer Games Fundraiser

Special Olympics Orange County will

send 110 athletes, along with 28  

coaches, to compete in Track,

Swimming and Softball at

SONC Summer Games 

on May 30 - June 1 in Raleigh. 


 Summer Games is the culmination of a

season of dedication and hard work at

practices, games, meets and qualifiers.


Special Olympics Orange County relies entirely upon the generosity of

community individuals and organizations to provide the volunteer

and financial support of its sports programs.


How does your donation help our programming?

Donate $15 and you will pay for the registration for 1 athlete or coach attending SONC Summer Games.  

Donate $300 and you will pay for 1 van rental that will transport athletes attending for the weekend. 


Donate $200 and you will pay for the registration for 1 meet that the Aquatics team competed in.  (They attended 4 meets this season.)

Donate $400 and you will pay for transportation services provided to softball athletes that enabled them to attend practices this season.

Donate $500 and you will pay for the cost of this season's new sports equipment. (track relay batons, aquatics lap counters, softball gloves and bags.)


"With 225 programs in 170 countries, there's always something exciting going on at Special Olympics, every single day. This year proved that once again that Special Olympics is more than just a game or a race or a tournament -- it's a community, a life-altering experience, a global force and a movement."

from Steady Growth of Special Olympics Means Reaching More People with ID

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Any contribution is greatly appreciated and helps to keep Special Olympics Orange County growing!


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