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sophie hunt's Fundraising Page

Could you imagine spending your entire life living on the end of a chain? For most of us, it's unimaginable. But for countless dogs around the country, it's reality. Dogs who are chained outside spend their days and nights, week after week, facing extreme heat and frigid weather-often neglected, abused, or forgotten.

With peta2 and TeachKind’s Change for Chained Dogs program we can help a cold backyard dog by providing them with a warm, sturdy doghouse, possibly the first shelter from harsh winter weather they've ever had. Each custom-built doghouse costs $265 to produce and transport to a dog in need. And with so many animals facing a long, freezing winter ahead, I'm asking for your help today to provide one to a neglected dog. By pitching in to fund a doghouse today, you will help a dog make it through not just this winter's weather, but summer heat as well, for many years to come.

If 27 people donate just $10 each, together we can give a cold dog the well-built shelter they need to make it through freezing winter nights. For many of these neglected dogs, a doghouse can truly mean the difference between life and death. Please consider contributing whatever you can so we can help a dog who would otherwise have little hope of surviving the elements.

Thank you for helping these animals who are counting on us! Please share my fundraising page on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, and forward this page to everyone you know!

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