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Over the Edge of Waikiki 2013

Honolulu, Hawaii

sosefina nepo's Page

TALOFA family and friends


I'm sooooo excited that I can be part of this amazing event


Over The Edge Waikiki on Nov.2, 2013


This year has been more of a spiritual journey for me,


it's been hard but I pushed through and now I'm enjoying every minute of it.


I was so blessed to have gone to Japan to celebrate my 40th b-day and my amazing company that I'm so proud to be a part of...




Which has changed/made me more aware of how acidic our body is so I decided to take my health back and help/teach my family as well as myself to live a healthier lifestyle...


I've been blessed to go back to Japan in Sept...


OMG I can't wait..


My client bless her has given me this opportunity to help her spa and teach my Polynesian massage and

 to have my son Jourdan go to Japan for his senior year..


what a blessing, thank you Lord for an amazing ANGEL.


with all these amazing blessings that I have received I've decided to give back and hopefully I can help bless others as much as all my angels who has blessed my family and I.


That's why I plan to rappel down the 31 story on top of the


Sheraton Waikiki Hawaii...


Yes I'm going over the edge to support and give back by blessing all these athletes an amazing adventure in a year round competition.


So family and friends I'm asking for your help.



Special Olympics Hawai'i currently serves over 3,500 children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them the opportunity to participate in year-round sports training and competition.

My goal is to raise $1,000 which helps one athlete for three seasons in a year round competition. I need your help to reach my goal of $1,000.

Your contribution will help enable each of these athletes to continue to take part in these activities at no cost to themselves or their families.

Donating through the FirstGiving site is simple, 

fast and totally secure.

Any gift/donation of $50, $25, $5 or anything that you can afford to my fundraising page by clicking on the "DONATE" button today Is greatly appreciated                                                    

Or you can make a check out to Special Olympics Hawai'i and place my name Sosefina Nepo on the memo line to make sure that it will be credited to my goal.

Please send the check to: 

Over the Edge

Special Olympics Hawaii
P.O. Box 3295
Honolulu, HI 96801

If you would like to learn more about great event or even become a rappeller yourself, visit the Special Olympics Hawaii website at

Fa'afetai  (Thank you)  For all your support!


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