Speedgolf for OM!


Speedgolf for OM!

Speedgolf for OM!


Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!  Here is my story:

My name is Tim Scott and I was diagnosed with a type of eye cancer called ocular melanoma on April 19, 2012.  Since having radiation to kill the tumor in my right eye my vision is very poor.  I have floaters, flashes, and fairly prominent double vision. 

Ocular melanoma is not something that typically receives many research dollars because it is so rare.  Known as the "silent killer" because there are typically no symtoms if it is not found during a routine eye exam, OM can grow undetected for years.  Like most any cancer, the earlier it is detected the better the prognosis.  About 50% of those diagnosed with OM will die from the metastasis of the disease, typically within a few years.

I have been looking for a way to raise money and awareness for this disease since being diagnosed. Having always been very active and involved in a variety of sports, this is the forum I have chosen. I have been a golf professional for over 25 years and a competitor on the local running and racing scene for about 20 years. I decided that doing a Speedgolf fundraiser would be perfect!

Speedgolf is an emerging sport in which players play 18 holes of golf and run between shots.  The players score is calculated by adding the golf score together with the time taken to complete the round.  For instance, if a player shoots a golf score of 75 in 70 minutes their Speedgolf score would be 145.  I have played Speedgolf for about 15 years now and absolutely love it!  I have been the executive director for Speedgolf International since December 2012.

In the 2012 Speedgolf World Championships I finished 2nd in the professional division.  It was my first tournament post diagnosis and the first where I wore an eye patch to counteract the "distractions" that are constantly present in my right eye.  The photo was taken during the first round of the SWC 2012.

The fundraiser will be held at the home of the Speedgolf World Champioships, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the Oregon coast.  Bandon Dunes is one of the top rated golf resorts in the world.  They have four outstanding 18 hole golf courses and a thirteen hole par-3 course on property.  I will be playing Speedgolf on all five courses on December 21, 2013.

My goals:

- Raise $25,000 for OM research

- Play all five rounds of golf, 85 holes, in less than five hours

- Play at least 55 of the 85 holes in par or better

- Raise awareness about this deadly beast called OM!

Every single person who reads this has been affected in some way by cancer.  No one knows how they will react if they ever hear the spine chilling words "You have cancer."  It is something no one ever wants to hear for themselves or a loved one.  Even worse, what if you hear those words and it's a type of cancer that you have never heard of.  Where do you turn? What do you do?

Please help me help other OM warriors around the world by donating to this cause.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Thank You,  Tim Scott

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