Stephanie Costa's Fundraising Page


Howloween All Breed Dog Walk and Costume Contest

Danvers, Massachusetts

Stephanie Costa's Fundraising Page

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I am raising money for a new rescue, German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center. The organization was formed because there are just too many German Shepherds in New England needing homes and not enough help for them. Check out the rescue at

Most of you know that both my shepherds are rescues. Lexi (on the left) was given up because of her “behavior” issues. She was left outside during the fourth of July and she broke a door to get back into the house. (Yes, she is big enough to break a door.) She is shy/fearful unless you have a treat. She WILL take you down for a cookie!

Diesel was part of a litter that was given up because his breeder didn't want to pay the vet expenses needed to treat the puppies' medical issues. So the breeder just left the litter at the vet. Since then the Diesel-dog has had only 3 bad days in his life; the day he left his mother, the day he left his brother Dargo and the day he got neutered. It's been sunshine and cookies ever since!
Both dogs are great and we are lucky to have them.
Help me help more dogs like Lexi and Diesel by supporting GSRRC. You can support us by:
·         Sponsor ing me, Lexi and Diesel for the pledge walk
·         Come to the Howloween All Breed Dog Walk and Costume Contest on October 23, 2010 at Endicott Park in Danvers MA - go to for more info!
·         Start your own fundraising page.
Whatever you do, all proceeds support the care and rehoming of German Shepherd Dogs in need. 

Many thanks for your support -- and please to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

With Gratitude,

Steph, Lexi and Diesel

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Stephanie Costa's Fundraising Page
Come see Lexi & Diesel at the Walk!