Team Sophie: Big Dollars for Big Dogs


Bark in the Park 2006

Training buddies Stevie, Keith, and Sophie

Team Sophie: Big Dollars for Big Dogs

In a rare display of athleticism (well, for half of us anyway), on May 6, 2006, Stevie and Keith will be hitting the pavement at Montrose Harbor with Sophie in tow to help raise money for the Anti-Cruelty Society at its annual Bark in the Park 5K walk. 

The Anti-Cruelty Society is Chicago's humane society, and a few years ago, it became a no-kill shelter. (It does not take strays, but any Chicago residents who wish to give up a dog or cat for adoption may leave it at Anti-Cruelty.) Sophie (nee Spirit) was dropped off there for unknown reasons by her first family last April, and then she waited for two long weeks, bandana at her neck, sad eyes begging everyone who walked by to give her a chance. Keith and Stevie went to Anti-Cruelty "just to look" on May 3, 2005, when a trainer introduced them to Sophie, who walked into the facility's play garden, sat down, and gently licked both of their hands. That is the exact moment when both of them turned into giant saps. Anti-Cruelty employees were great throughout the entire adoption process, finding us a dog who matched our lifestyle, explaining what we should expect in terms of finances and behavior, and advising us on how to best integrate Sophie into our lives. The adoption fee of $55 also  included her spaying and first round of vaccinations, as well as a collar and leash. They also helped us with some minor health problems she had at first, and gave us invaluable advice on dog behavior for a few months afterwards. They also provide free parking to anyone who wants to adopt a pet and have low-cost training classes for those who are interested.

 This wonderful organization provides invaluable services  to thousands of people in the city, and it needs our help. We're asking you, our friends and family, to make a donation, however much you can afford. According to Anti-Cruelty, every $100 in pledges means one week of care for a dog or cat at their facility downtown. Sophie spent about two weeks there, so we would like to raise money equivalent to two weeks of care for her.

Thanks for your help.
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Team Sophie: Big Dollars for Big Dogs
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