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Training buddies Meeghan Dempaire

Lulu and TJ's Fundraising Page

Lulu and TJ are both rescued dogs.  TJ was adopted from the Broward Humane Society in July 2009 and Lulu was rescued in August 2009 as an abandoned dog at private home in a rural area near the Everglades where many abandoned dogs have showed up over the years.

TJ is approximately 3 years old and is a male Beagle (with a questionable Basset Hound mix).  Lulu is about 1 year old and a purebred female German Shepherd.  Both play and walk together often with their moms - Stephanie & Meeghan.

Lulu has her own webpage where she participates in litter cleanups with her mom and is currently training as a Share-A-Pet therapy dog.  You can read more about her at Lulu's Page.

Stephanie and Meeghan are both members of the South Florida Jeep Club and participate often in fundraising events to benefit our community.  Our dogs love to ride in our Jeeps and we love having them in our families.

Click on the Flickr link below to see more pictures of Lulu and TJ!

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