Walk for Water for Africa 2011


Walk for Water for Africa 2011

Training buddies May 15, 2011

Walk for Water for Africa 2011

Dear Friends,

Please join me and many other supporters of the African Well Fund/Africare in the Second Walk For Water for Africa 2011!   This 5K run/walk will seek to raise money to build wells in villages in subSaharan Africa that have no potable water.   

The lack of safe drinking water has brought about devastating consequences to those living in these areas, already hard hit by droughts.  For example, in Benin, West Africa, nearly 4,000 people have contracted cholera from using contaminated water, including streams shared by farm animals, causing families to spend their income on health care, rather than increasing their own resources.  Because girls must carry water for hours, they cannot often attend school, leaving a generation of children without access to education that would help lift them from poverty. The situation is dire and without safe drinking water, will cause more death and suffering to Africa.

Africare/African Well Fund has been active in building wells in many countries in Africa, bringing much needed improvement in the health and well being of families.  In recent years, Africare has constructed numerous hand dug and drilled wells in Ghana, Chad, Liberia, and Burkina Faso that have brought clean and safe drinking water to thousands.  Additionally, Africare has established Sanitation clubs that promote hygiene through schools, and that has resulted in new latrines being built to allow more girls to attend school.

As my Eagle Scout project last year, I began the first Walk for Water for Africa, raising over $15,000.  With those donations, two large well systems were built in Ghana that established new clean water sources for villages of almost 900 people!  This year, we hope to repeat our success and raise more money to support African water development.  With your help, we will build new wells for villages who currently use polluted streams or ponds as their primary source of water.

Please help by coming to or supporting the  Walk for Water for Africa 2011 5K walk/run on May 15, 2011 at Fairfax Corner Center in Fairfax, Virginia!  All proceeds from this walk will be provided directly for the installation of new pumps and wells in specified project areas most in need.  You can help by one of these ways:

1.  Register for the walk online at www.walkforwater2011.org and come out on race day.  There will be a 1K fun run at 8:30, with the 5K walk/run at 9 am.  The run is a certified, timed 5 K put on in partnership with Pacers running store in Fairfax.

2.  Donate online for any amount of money.

3.  Donate through mail, as indicated on website.

4.  Get pledges by opening up a firstgiving site or collect pledges on paper and bring to the race.  Prizes will be given to those with the highest total collected. Individuals who obtain pledges over $100 will have their race/walk fee waived if desired.

5.  Ask employers, friends, family and anyone interested in assisting the cause of bringing clean water to rural African villages to be a sponsor to you in the walk/run, or to pledge--establish a circle of influence that will help the cause!

6.  Come to the plaza Fairfax Corner on May 15, either to run or walk, or to join in an all-day celebration of water! There will be live bands, performances, fun activities for children, and much more!  Share in the fun of my Eagle scout project and help others while having a good time "walking for water for Africa!"

I look foward to seeing many of you that day...for those who cannot make it, please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause.  Africare and the African Well Fund are both rated an A+ charities!  93 cents of every dollar Africare raises goes directly to building wells.

Thanks for your support!!


PS...and don't forget to celebrate WORLD WATER DAY ON MARCH 22!!




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Walk for Water for Africa 2011
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