Steve, Kaitlin, Amy & Bella's Plunge Page


2012 Burlington Penguin Plunge

Burlington, Vermont

Steve, Kaitlin, Amy & Bella's Plunge Page

Kaitlin, Amy , Bella, Rob and I are ready to PLUNGE again.  Never really ready but we are getting close to the Burlington, VT Lake Champlain Vermont Special Olympics Penguin PLUNGE date.

We are jumping into frozen Lake Champlain with a bunch of our friends including Special Olympian and Team Captain Harrison Boutcher to raise money for the Vermont Special Olympics.  We are excited that our refreshing dunk will help support the Vermont Special Olympics. 

We wish you could join us and if you can please do. If you cannot PLUNGE but would like to be a part of this great fundraising effort please consider a donation of any size as every dollar matters. 

Your support will help to provide entertainment, dances, sporting events, field trips, education, family support and much more. 

Kaitlin, Amy, Bella, Rob and I appreciate your help as we seek to support our friends at Special Olympics. 

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Steve, Kaitlin, Amy & Bella's Plunge Page
Phillip Donahue,Kaitlin,Harrison Boucher