Timbuktu Challenge 2012


Timbuktu Challenge 2012

Timbuktu Challenge 2012

Team Last Responders

Dennis Liaw, Kunal Modi, Mike Reali, and Stephen Jan are participating in the 2012 Timbuktu Challenge as "Team Last Responders" (http://lastresponders.org). The Timbuktu Challenge is a charity rally that starts in London, UK and finishes 4500 miles away in Timbuktu, Mali. Team Last Responders will be driving an ambulance through the Sahara Desert and donating the vehicle to a local NGO for a mobile health clinic and raising money for the Mali Health Organizing Project. Please support our efforts by donating to the Mali Health Organizing Project!

Mali Health Organizing Project

The Mali Health Organizing Project is a US based NGO that focuses on improving maternal and child health in Mali. MHOP works to promote health education in local communities, to improve access to health care for local communities, and to foster community structures that actively address community health needs.

$10 gets 20 women medical care.

$50 provides 20 families life-saving mosquito nets.

$100 gives two women financial freedom through a microfinance loan.

$200 gives 80 women health literacy schoolbooks.

$500 runs a theater education campaign for 2000 people.

$5,000 purchases a year of radio airtime to give voice to slum residents.

Please help MHOP continue their good work by supporting them on our behalf. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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