p/hop = Pennies per Hour of Pleasure


p/hop = Pennies per Hour of Pleasure

p/hop = Pennies per Hour of Pleasure

p/hop stands for pennies per hour of pleasure.


Be sure to check out the p/hop blog for all the latest info, patterns and cool stuff that is going on.


p/hop is the brainchild of the fabulous Natalie from The Yarn Yard


Like Natalie, I love to knit. It gives me hours and hours of pleasure. From time to time I have to stop and think just how much that pleasure is worth. p/hop was started as a way for any of us to give a little something in exchange for the hours of pleasure we are so fortunate to enjoy.


Various people have been making their patterns available or giving away parts of their stash, supplies or anything really, for a donation (of any size) to benefit Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. Or, if you have made something for a friend and they want to say "Thank you", have them make a donation for the pleasure your FO will give them.


There is no "set-price" for anything. Donate whatever you want 50 cents or $50 (the skys the limit really!)


This site has been set up for those of us in the USA  to be able to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders USA (with all the requisite charity and tax implications, etc. etc).


Please check out the p/hop group on Ravelry to see some of the fantastic things people have donated. And do check out the Doctors Without Borders web site to see what great work they do. (p.s. I'm also a doctor and am always amazed at the generosity, bravery and all-around awesomeness of the MSF folks).


Thanks for your donation!

This page is no longer accepting donations