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Team FORCE Marine Corps Marathon

Washington, District of Columbia

Sue Friedman's Page

This is an aspect of my story that I don't share a lot. I have struggled all my life with my weight, with fitness and exercise. It is only now as I reach the landmark age of 50 that I am making exercise a commitment and priority in my life. I have never run 26 miles before. But as of two years ago, I hadn't ever run more than 1 mile at a time. Despite how daunting a marathon seems, I have faced bigger challenges in my life than a marathon and come out stronger. So with this in mind, I have signed up for and committed myself to Team FORCE for the Marine Corps Marathon!!!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33, I did everything I could to save my life. I even had a treadmill next to my bed and I tried to walk every day. I imagined stomping cancer cells as I walked. After my treatment and learning I have a BRCA2 mutation, I did everything I could to further lower my risk and to do my very best to assure that I am around a long time for myself, my family, and the FORCE community! 

So here I am at 50, in the best shape of my life...after breast cancer, after menopause, after all the surgeries. I was never fit or athletic growing up, they called me "double-0 spaz" as a kid when I was in camp. I have been 55 lbs heavier than I am now at my heaviest (and I'm only 5'2'' so not a lot of frame to distribute it). 

As more research has come out about the importance of exercise in improving survival and preventing cancer, I have tried more and more to incorporated exercise into my life, into my articles, into our FORCE programs, and to motivate others to do the same.  

As I train, I will share my progress with the community. At the same time, I invite everyone in our  community and my friends and family to join me in challenging yourself too! No matter what your fitness level, challenge yourself to do more, set fitness goals for yourself, and share your progress! Step by step together we can improve our health and raise awareness and support for FORCE! 



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