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We’re excited to offer our students the opportunity of a lifetime to travel abroad as many of our students have never left their Chicago neighborhood. In order to make this dream come true, we’re collaborating with Educational First Tours Company and we need your support! Any donation large or small will have a significant impact on these students’ lives, and thus having a positive impact on our Chicago community. All donations are completely safe, secure and tax-deductible!   

Abroad Program Mission:

The philosophy behind the travel abroad program is to provide an extraordinary experience for these students that will enlighten and open them to different cultures and countries. Through the travel abroad program, the students will be given the opportunity to explore other regions and obtain a more worldly view. 

Trip One – MADRID, Spain – MARCH 30TH-APRIL 5TH:

Our first trip will take 3 students, who will be selected on academic achievement, attendance, and attitude, to Madrid, Spain to explore the country and culture and immerse in the language for seven days. The dream is to raise enough funds for future trips.

The Project:

The travel abroad program is directly linked to their school curriculum and the students who are involved in the travel abroad program are learning the language, the history of the country, and the culture of the people.  The students of the program will then take these lessons and apply them to the Madrid trip in 2012.  

Support our travels

The students are working very hard to fundraise in their community with their church organizations but we need your help! Donations are happily accepted at

If you can spare a little change and donate and then spread the extraordinary cause by posting this link to your facebook page, emailing the link to your family, friends, and colleagues, we will very much appreciate all of your support and generosity.

Whether you give a $1 or $10,000 or anywhere in between, all donations are welcomed and tax deductible.

About Sullivan House:

Sullivan House is an alternative high school on the south side of Chicago providing a learning environment for students seeking a second chance. Sullivan House welcomes any and all students who have been kicked out or who have dropped out of the Chicago Public School system, offering them a chance to succeed and to recognize their potential as individuals and citizens.

Inspired in 1963 by hearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak on providing better educational opportunities for children at the Jobs for Freedom March in Washington D.C., Sullivan House founder, Janice Greer, was moved to be part of the solutions to the challenges faced by the country's youth. She started by providing an arts and reading center in a residence built by Louis Sullivan, but that was just the beginning.

In 1971, Sullivan House High School was born as an alternative school for students who were unable to find success in the public schools systems. It then grew into a child welfare agency that operated after school programs, provided foster care for extremely difficult youth, and started much needed community-based programs.

Today, Sullivan House Alternative High School serves 180 students between the ages of 16 to 21 with a student/teacher ratio of about 10:1. Services are provided for students who have difficulty in traditional high school settings. Their emphasis is on developing reading and writing skills and studying basic high school curriculum leading to a diploma.

For 40 years, Sullivan House has been a home and a family to many disadvantaged youths.  

About Educational First Tours Company:

For 45 years, EFT has believed in the power of education and travel and has taken students and teachers around the world to empower the next generation of global citizens. For more information, visit:

Please donate through FirstGiving as it is the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. Once you have donated, please spread the word to others you know who would be interested in supporting the Sullivan House travel program!



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