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We are mamas running for a cure for JM, a terrible and rare autoimmune disease that afflicts one of our daughters. Many of us are new to running, and some of us have already run marathons. But for all of us, the experience of running for Mielle has been profound.

We want to inspire you to help us with a donation, join us in running, or start running for your own cause!

Here is Mielle's story, as told by her mama Suzy

About a year ago, my smart, funny and wise daughter Mielle was diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis, or JM.  It turned our lives upside down. 

There are therapies for this disease, but they involve years of treatment with heavy duty drugs that come with major, horrible side effects.  Mielle endures terrible headaches and nausea from her methotrexate shot once per week; high-dose steroids caused her to gain 25 pounds (from 37 pounds to 62) in a matter of a few months.  We can also thank steroids for the wild rages and mood swings that Mielle must navigate on a daily basis.  Her life now involves regular blood draws, intravenous drug treatments, and trips to a specialist in Chicago.

In short, it ain't pretty!  And there is currently no cure.  We hope for remission, but even IF we achieve that, the uncertainty will always remain - will the disease come back? 

This is why I'm running the See Jane Run Half-Marathon to fund research into better treatment, and ultimately a CURE for this awful disease.  I can't take away Mielle's pain, or endure all those needles and terrible medications on her behalf... but I can run.  I'm running for my baby, to show her my love and support and admiration, to raise money, and to ensure a better future for her.

Our fabulous friends, Kirsten, Stephanie, and Nicole - already joined me in running a half marathon in Carlsbad on January 25 - for most of us, it was our first experience with running, and our FIRST EVER half marathon.  It was such a transformational experience that we are ready to begin all over again, and train for May 31 right here in Alameda.  This time, we have more wonderful ladies joining us - Claudia, Jan, Anna, Barb, and Debamitra to name a few.  Mamajog fever is spreading!  It's a good thing, too, because the race is 13.1 miles, people!  We're going to need all the support we can get!

Please sponsor us.  You'll be helping Mielle, and the other 5,000 children in the US with this dreaded disease.  It will mean so much to feel your support.

Cure JM is a fantastic organization that has already been instrumental in funding major research initiatives; your donation will be handled wisely and effectively.  ( 

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail it to Cure JM Foundation, 836 Lynwood Drive, Encinitas, CA  92024.  And be sure to indicate that your donation is in honor of Mielle so we can count it toward our goal!

Please, dig deep if you can.  We've set a high fundraising target, because Mielle deserves a better treatment and a CURE!  Please help us reach our goal!

training updates at

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Mielle in Carlsbad