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Chicago Marathon 2007 - Team World Vision

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Syler Thomas

In Africa, an entire generation is dying. Mothers. Fathers. Teachers. Farmers. Even pastors. Working men and women. Dead.

15 million children have been orphaned due to AIDS (That's around the same as the total number of high school students in the U.S.)

6,000 people die everyday of the disease.

In 2005 more than 2.8 million people died becuase because of AIDS - That's equal to a plague killing off the entire population of Chicago.

Every day more than 29,000 children die, mostly due to preventable/treatable diseases and lack of clean water.

But this is not a hopeless situation. Not if people like us are willing to stand up and use their One Life to Do Something about it.

I have decided to do something about it. World Vision is a Christian Humanitarian Relief and Development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. Through Team World Vision I will be running the Chicago Marathon to accomplish a personal goal of completing a marathon in "Better than Oprah" time and to raise money for a really good cause.

There are two simple ways that you can support my efforts:

1) Click the link in the text box below, and sponsor a child for $35 per month


2) Click on the SPONSOR ME NOW button at the bottom of the page and make an online donation.

Syler Thomas

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