Tamara Delgado's Fundraising Page


12th Annual AIDS Hike for Life

Clinton, New York

Tamara Delgado's Fundraising Page

Hello there my fellow supporters.  2010 is the year we bring home the gold!  Thanks to your generous contributions and support, Cowboy's Angels has brought home several awards for Top Fundraising Team & Individuals for the past 7 years.  Last year, we were literally dollars short of bringing home that trophy.  We have BIG plans for this year's Hike and I'm so confident that trophy is ours, I've made a special place for it at home!!!!  For those of you that are new to this site and this cause, here is a brief synopsis of why this cause means the world to me.................

I lost my dad to an AIDS related illness in 2002.  He was 46 years old.  He was an amazing man with a passion and zest for life.  He loved both my brother and I unconditionally and he was our very best friend.  There is so much he's missed out on and I like to take this opportunity every year to remind those I love to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE practice safe sex.  I refuse to lose anyone else to this dreadful disease.  This disease is 100% PREVENTABLE so please make wise choices.  To make a very long story short, my dad was infected by an HIV+ woman many years ago and though he fought like hell, he lost his courageous battle on the evening of Tuesday November 5th, 2002.  Anyone who's ever lost a parent or any loved one knows that the hurt, pain and void still exists EVERYDAY.  AIDS Community Resources has allowed me to channel the pain, hurt, anger and frustration in a very healthy and productive way.  "Cowboy's Angels" came to fruition in 2002 when I formed a team to participate in the annual AIDS Hike for Life and since then, we've thrived and raised thousands of dollars for this cause.  Every year is a challenge but with your continued help and support, we continue to make strides and every dollar raised remains right here in our community!!! 

Juan Raymond Delgado a.k.a. "Cowboy," would've turned 54 on March 25th.  Please join me in kicking this disease in the ass and consider sponsoring me for this year's hike.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support.  God Bless.

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Tamara Delgado's Fundraising Page
Getting close to the trophy on the right