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Tamara Osivwemu's Page

Our middle school students need you.


I have the privilege to work with eager and wanting minds. Students want to know what their future may hold, students want exposure to new ideas, students want the opportunity to achieve. In partnership with schools, Citizen Schools satisfies those wanting minds.


I began working at Citizen Schools immediately after college in hopes of educating youth and strengthening communities. Little did I know that for four years I'd be given so much more. I have had the privilege to work with amazing students from Ramon- the energetic 5th grader to Dawn- the opinionated 8th grader. Every day I give my time and talents to these amazing middle school students but the students give me so much more.


I am given hope in the faces our future by experiencing students become Doctors and Engineers through our volunteer taught apprenticeships, I am given joy by hearing students shout “Leaders” after I yell “Future” in our community circle and I am given courage to press on when I see students learning math and reading skills by becoming Architects, Urban Planners, and Oral Historians. All of these things are made possible because of people like you. So my question is:


How will you impact the life of a middle school student? We need your support to keep filling the wants of our students.


So here’s where the money goes.

· Supplies: For apprenticeships, academic support, and college-readiness lessons.

· Explorations: Students visit colleges, museums, and even the occasional reward trip for academic progress.

· Family and community events: To engage our student’s supporters in the work we do every day.


I appreciate your donation to help ensure that our students continue to receive high-quality extended learning time that fills their wanting minds.


Learn more about what we do at Citizen Schools by watching the ABC segment http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video?id=7665897




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