August Awan


Streak for Pediatric Stroke

August Awan

Help him to get some cash to shave off that mustache!  No really...we're trying to win an iPad, and for every $25 donation, August's name will be put into a drawing for one.  CHASA holds a lot of importance to August and our family.   While CHASA has been there for us since August was diagnosed, our most meaningful experience was in 2010, when we went on our first family retreat, and met other children and families dealing with the same issues.  It was a beautiful feeling of peace to know that there wasn't anything to explain, and for once instead knowing we weren't the only ones out there, I was able to see it.  I was able to watch him be a part of games, and playing where there wasn't a need for him to explain his performance, or feel less then...because he was around others that understood.  

I don't often talk about the difficulties or struggles that he goes through, the Dr. appointments, the physical/occupation/speech therapies.  I don't talk about what it feels like to have a child with special needs.  But when I need help, support, understanding our family can turn to CHASA, and for that I am so grateful.

Please help us to support an organization so dear to us, and a chance to win a iPad for Gus (which would be so helpful for school).

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