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Citizen Schools TX- Tarren E.

There is nothing more powerful than witnessing first-handedly, the impact you have on another individual. My college classes really shed light to the educational discrepancies of today. It was one of the first time I recognized the disparities within my own educational upbringing. In acknowledging the lack of academic resources in lower income schools, I joined Citizen Schools because I wanted be that resource in bridging the educational gaps for disadvantaged youth; as a tutor, mentor, and role model of possibility, hope, and success. Citizen Schools was the perfect fit to fulfill that desire.

Citizen Schools is a non-profit organization that takes a proactive approach in closing the achievement gap and instilling a culture of achievement in its students. Our program runs from Monday-Friday, immediately following school from 3:15pm-6:15pm with the intention of expanding the traditional learning day. By doing so, students receive more homework help and counsel for academic success from Team leaders in a small-classroom setting. Students also receive engaging and interactive academic lessons that coincide and reinforce what is being taught during the school day. Most importantly, students are being instilled with the belief that they CAN and WILL go to college through our college readiness model: College to Career Connections (C3).

While we take pride in equipping our students to achieve academically, we also want to ensure students are gaining relevant 21st century skills that will help them be successful in the real-world. This is done through our Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are hands-on projects conducted by professionals in the field who volunteer to teach middle school students their expertise. Apprenticeships expose middle students to fields of engineering, business, journalism and other fields at a much earlier age.

As a second-year teaching fellow, I take pride in the work that Citizen Schools is doing. I am currently watching my student’s grades, self-efficacy and belief in their abilities improve dramatically and want to get as many people involved in this movement as I can. So, please contribute to our program so that Citizen Schools can expand and continue to provide academic opportunities to ALL students!


Any form of donation is truly appreciated. Take a look at the information below to see how exactly your donation will contribute to our program.


· $15 provides one month of materials for students to complete high quality academic homework during our structured homework time. (Notebooks, agendas, pencils, pens, etc)

· $20 provides one month of supplies for our CHOICE time activities where students play sports, do art projects, learn yoga, or bake in cooking class.

· $80 provides one semester of extra support for one apprenticeship team. An apprenticeship is a focused learning time between 15 students and a community volunteer with a professional skill to share. Students in the Green Teens Apprenticeship learned about sustainable and organic gardening from a Science teacher at Jane Long.

· $250 provides the support for one Team Leader to sponsor a special event for our families such as a potluck, WOW showcase (the end-of-the-year Apprenticeship fair), Parent Literacy events, or to secure a bus for an exploration (field trip) to a local College.

All donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your support!


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