Taylor Justice's Fundraising Page - Climb for Conservation


Taylor Justice's Fundraising Page - Climb for Conservation

Taylor Justice's Fundraising Page - Climb for Conservation

Hi I'm Taylor!  

I am 12 years old, born in Aspen, Colorado, and live on a farm in Middleburg, Virginia.  I love outdoor emergency care which I learned while working for the Junior Ski Patrol on Buttermilk Mountain during my vacations.  I recently climbed 15,230 feet over the Salkantay Pass in Peru!  Right now, I am a 7th grader.

Let me tell you about my upcoming Climb for Conservation! I am committed to raising $ 19,341 for conservation causes by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the " roof of Africa ", a 19,341 foot peak. That's one dollar for every foot I climb. With your help, I can do this !! My travel expenses are privately funded so your donation goes directly to the non-profit. 



What is our mission? 


We climb mountains around the world for critical conservation causes.  Our efforts focus on raising awareness and funds for land, water, and wildlife conservation.  We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Public Charity, Tax ID #: 27-3118371. 

What is our goal? 

The kick-off climb for the organization is up the tallest free-standing mountain the world -- Mt. Kilimanjaro – at 19,341 feet high!  This November our team, along with Mariel Hemingway, will trek for 9 days to put a spotlight on the 'Snows of Kilimanjaro' and the conservation of the critically endangered African Black Rhino, which lives right outside Kilimanjaro National Park. 

Why save the Rhinos? 


Did you know:  every hour we lose 3 species on Earth?   

In 1970 – there were 10,000 Rhinos in Tanzania.

In 2011 - 100 Rhinos.

At this rate, Rhinos may be extinct in just 13 years!  Harvard Biologist E.O. Wilson estimates that we are losing 30,000 species per year -- which breaks down to 3 species per hour.  The Rhino is just one example.  With the human population expected to reach 9-10 billion by the end of the century and the planet in the middle of the "6th mass extinction," the next few years are critical to conserving Earth's previous biodiversity.   

 Where will your donations go?

Donations will go to 2 exciting projects at the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary and operations at Climb for Conservation.  

·       Educating the next generation of African Conservationists

Rafiki wa Faru, an educational program for school aged African students, teaches the next generation about the importance of animal and environmental conservation locally in Africa.  The program, offered at Mkomazi National Park, centers on the Rhino Sanctuary where they see the highly endangered Black Rhino up close and meet a rhino tracker.  Over 1,000 school children from 22 secondary and 13 primary schools have gone through the program in Mkomazi.  

·      Rhino Sanctuary Fence Replacement.

The massive increase in rhino poaching in sanctuaries and intensive protection zones in East Africa is an enormous ongoing challenge, and a primary focus for us at the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary in Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania.  The replacement of the rhino sanctuary fence posts is at the heart of our operation and the security of the black rhinos.  It is an ongoing project and critically important to the success of the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary.

Thank you for helping me reach my dreams! 

And remember......Everybody LOVES Rhinos!!






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