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10th Annual Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day for Autism

Warwick, Rhode Island

Selena MacPhee's Page

Bear has had a wonderful year full of great progress and success!  We have a great team of therapists, teachers, friends and family to thank!  She could not have come this far without all of their love and support!  

Last year was the first year my family and I decided to participate in the Imagine Walk.  Since it was our first year, we decided to aim low and shoot for a low monetary amount for donations.  We were amazed to see how many of our friends and family donated to this cause that is so dear to our hearts!  This year we want to continue to contribute to the Autism Project.  It is a wonderful organization that has helped so many people including our daughter!

Thank you for contributing to this great organization!  We hope to see you on April 29th at the Imagine Walk!  Go Team Bear!



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