Team Brookline 2016


Team Brookline 2016 Boston Marathon

Brookline, Massachusetts

Team Brookline 2016

Team Brookline is the Town of Brookline’s official Boston Marathon team. We are an athletic fundraising program established in 2012 by the town of Brookline and managed by Brookline Community Mental Health Center to benefit local charities that play an integral role in strengthening and enriching our community: Brookline Community Mental Health Center, Brookline Education Foundation, Brookline Library Foundation, and Brookline Teen Center. Since the program’s inception, Team Brookline runners have raised more than $650,000 – an amazing accomplishment that has made a true impact in the lives of all who live, work and go to school in Brookline.

Your tax-deductible donation supports our athletes' training program and maximizes the impact of runner fundraising in our community.

If you are having difficulty making a donation to Team Brookline please contact Maggie Ginn at 617-277-8107. 

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