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Laurel Run Relay Run 2013

Jamestown, New York

Steven Waterson's Page

Well, I survived, but I didn't come close to completing my goal of running 30 miles on Friday.  I was keeping up with the relay runners for the first few miles, but then I felt a pain in my right calf.  When one set of runners passed the flag to a different runner at about the 5-mile mark, I went inside the (air-conditioned) support van to rest for a few minutes.  I started jogging again, but at an even slower pace because of the heat and my sore leg.  When the support van came back and told me the relay runner was getting close to the next transition point, I realized I was becoming a liability.  So, I threw on a pair of biking shorts, got my bicycle out of the back of the van and started pedaling.  (It was still hot, but man it was a lot easier pedaling than running!)  I stayed on the bike until we were about 3 miles from the end, and then I joined the last set of runners.  After crossing the finish line, I sat down for a while and when I stood up, I felt a stabbing pain in my lower left thigh and looked down to see a muscle protruding grotesquely (looked like I had a Lance Armstrong leg).  Now some 48 hours later my legs are still sore, but I'm happy I didn't really hurt myself. 


On a positive note, Paul and Keith did manage to cover the entire 30-mile route by foot - absolutely amazing!  And Keith looked like he could have gone another few miles without any problem.


Thank you so much for donating to the Laurel Run relay.  Though I feel as if I failed miserably in my attempt to run the full 30 miles, I'm grateful that we managed to raise about $1,500 to support people with disabilities.  Maybe I'll try this again next year. ...

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