Streaking for CHASA!


Streak for Pediatric Stroke

Streaking for CHASA!

Streak for Pediatric Stroke is an awareness and fundraising campaign for the nonprofit organization CHASA - Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association.  This organization and their online support group, HemiKids, has been an ongoing resource for us since Avery was diagnosed with Hemiplegia over a year ago.

Our Story...

As many of you know, Avery had a challenging start to life back in January of 2010.  For unknown reasons, she was born with less than 20% of her blood volume due to a significant blood loss in utero.  As a result, she loss quite a bit of oxygen to her brain and in turn developed an injury to the left side of her brain.  In the beginning her progonsis was bleak and unknown.  However, our little miracle beat the odds and came through this traumatic start to life smiling and full of energy!  We had a little fighter on our hands that wanted to prove us all wrong (and continues to do so today!).  Around one year she was diagnosed with right sided hemiplegia.  Hemiplegia is a form of cerebral palsy which affects paralysis or weakness on one side of the body.  Today, Avery can do almost anything she puts her mind to.  However, she works hard everyday to strengthen the right side of her body.  Simple things like pointing to a picture or standing on her tippy toes can be challenging for Avery, but with continued therapy, support from parents and doctors and encouragement from those that love her she improves everyday.

Our Goals...

Our goal as Avery's parents is to give Avery the best opportunity for success as possible in life.  We plan to do this by teaching her the lessons we have learned through our lives, helping her develop a strong self confidence, being there for emotional support and most importantly loving her for who she is and having her realize that everyone is special and unique in their own way.  Everyday is a new learning experience for us as parents and the more resources we have to help us be successful parents the better our kids will be.  CHASA has been an amazing resource and reference to us for all things hemiplegia and even just everyday parental advice. We are sent a daily email with questions and answers about different therapies, activities, behaviors, etc. that affect our children.  We want to help continue to offer this resource to other families and bring awareness to the organizations efforts!

Get Involved...

We are asking for your help to continue to bring awareness and support to those children and families affected by hemiplegia on a daily basis. Your donation will allow CHASA to continue to support their online community, fund research, publish a children's book, educate others about the signs of early stroke, help fund scholarships for young adults with hemiplegia, connect families, and facilitate research.

Even if it is just a dollar YOU can help make a difference in these children's lives!  Please consider donating today to help CHASA increase it's efforts and help more families. To learn more about CHASA please visit 

Thank you for support!

The Johnson Family - Ryan, Meghan, Avery & Jack

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