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2012 Britain Center Kids Campaign

Kylie Stump

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Here is our family's story:

I guess you can say that things started in April 2009, when Kylie was 5 1/2 months old.  She started doing some very subtle movements that concerned us.  It was just 4 days later that we had a diagnosis for her, Infantile Spasms.  Infantile Spasms (IS), is a rare, catastrophic form of epilepsy that occurs in infancy, and is the only type of epilepsy associated with developmental delays and cognitive impairment. 

As first time parents we were uncertain as to what the future would hold for our baby girl.  We were so fortunate that all of the testing had come back normal, so there was no underlying cause for the seizures.  Now we just needed to hope and pray that the medication would help stop her seizures.  It did! 

Kylie is certainly our little miracle!  Most stories are not as successful, but we are truly grateful for every moment and every little step she makes that defeats the odds.  She did have a speech delay and we received some services through ITSJC, as well as some for sensory issues.  We were not sure what to do when Kylie was released from their care and we still had many concerns.

It was then, when some of our friends from church told us about this wonderful place called IDC.  I think I sent an email to Amy Milroy, and then called to see if my email was received.  When I met with Amy, I knew that she could see how concerned I was, and how we wanted so much for our girl to reach her potential, and we could not do that alone.  Amy said she would work to find a spot for Kylie and she did!  It was one of the best things we ever did for Kylie.  She has anxiety and sensory issues, and together that can be quite the challenge. 

Kylie's anxiety made it difficult to try new things, and be around new people.  But with the help of the great team of folks at the Britain Center, Kylie went from not talking and covering her face with her arms when called upon, to now speaking clearly to ask her friends what they would like at snack time when it is her special day!  I know, something so small, but it is HUGE for us to see this!  She has been at the school for a year now, and we have seen great progress. I just know she will soar even more through the help from her teachers and therapist. 

We are really excited for the world to see Kylie and watch her open up and show you all how silly, fun, creative, and beautiful she is, inside and out!

It is through the scholarship fund that we, as well as so many other families are able to better afford the cost of her school and therapies.  So if you are able to, we would love to receive a donation on behalf of Kylie for her school and all of the families that have seen their children benefit from all that the Britain Center has to offer. 

Just know that donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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