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Team RWB California

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Team RWB California

   Team Red, White & Blue California


 We are a group of individuals that have come together to create a TEAM in support of a foundation we believe in; Team RED, White and Blue. We are Active Duty and Retired Military, Spouses, Dependents and Friends of those who are currently serving or have served our Armed Forces.


We want to raise awareness and support for Team RWB with specific focus on athletic events in and around California.


The inspiration for Team RWB California comes from the men and women who have suffered personal tragedy while answering OUR Nation’s call.

WE will Swim, Ride, Run and CrossFit in THEIR Honor.

 Athletes from Team RWB California will be participating in:




Rancho Bernardo High School Athletes & Advocates Campaign



 Armed Forces Day




Join Team RWB California and Rancho Bernardo High School on the

Rancho Bernardo High School Track!!!




On May 19th Team RWB California will join forces with Rancho Bernardo High School and the Rancho Bernardo Foundation in an inaugural event aimed to raise awareness and bring the community of Rancho Bernardo together in the name of Veterans.



Athletes from Team RWB California and the sports teams of Rancho Bernardo High School will run for 12 HOURS on the football stadium track.  In teams of no more than 12 individuals, veterans, student athletes and members of the University of San Diego NROTC unit will run non-stop in the name of Team RWB Veteran/Advocate Partnerships, in an effort to raise money for the Team RWB Advocacy Program.


If you make a $500 donation in support of a Team RWB Veteran & Advocate Partnership your name or business will be displayed on a Team RWB Tribute Banner in honor of that partnership.

The banner will be displayed around the track of Rancho Bernardo High School during the 12-HOUR endurance race on 5.19.12.  All donors will receive the banner signed by the winning team along with a commemorative miniature banner that can be displayed in your home or place of business.

A $250 donation will sponsor a team of high school students running all night long to make the statement “Its Our Turn”! They will be running in the name of a current paired wounded vet and advocate.

A donation of any denomination is just as important, as it will go directly to Team RWB in support of both current and future Veteran/Advocate Partnerships.

Help Team RWB in their quest to transform the way wounded veterans are reintegrated into society when they return from combat and exit their position in the Active Duty force or National Guard.

Make a donation today that will help change the way a wounded veteran will live tomorrow!


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Team RWB California
"It's Our Turn!"