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Teresa Barnett's Fundraising Page

Teresa Barnett's Fundraising Page


Did you know that there are no mandated minutes of elementary science education in California?

In a state where scientific progressivism is highly desired and in a region defined by environmental consciousness as well as the innovations of scientific icons such as the Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University, isn’t something not adding up here?

In fact, science courses are becoming nearly extinct in our elementary schools. Nearly 80% of nearly 1,000 Bay Area elementary school teachers reported in a 2008 survey that they spend less than one hour per week teaching science, and one in five said they spend no time teaching science whatsoever. With an increased pressure to see test scores increase in the areas of math and reading, science is being disproportionately ignored from the curriculum, depriving our communities of the potential for scientific enrichment in the lives of children—depriving the community of future scientists.

How can you be a part of the solution to make science education present, fun, relevant, hands-on and innovative in elementary school classrooms? You can do just this by helping Community Resources for Science continue its mission to bring exciting science education opportunities into the classroom in a variety of creative ways! CRS is a non-profit that has been working to bring hands-on lesson plans, materials, resources and support to elementary school science teachers for over 12 years. CRS also works to bring real scientists from the community, both university graduate researchers and scientists working in laboratories into elementary classrooms for interactive presentations that really inspire kids to be passionate about science!

In addition, CRS helps teachers to organize class field trips such as nature walks in the California redwoods—a unique experience for students to be immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world who might otherwise have never had the opportunity. CRS also provides teachers with workshops and other opportunities for professional development so that they can be more effective, confident teachers of science.

So how can you start helping us today? Just by dong the following:

1.    Click on the link and make a donation – any amount is greatly appreciated!

2.    Send this message on to some of your nearest and dearest friends, relatives,  acquaintances, and invite them to donate too!

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