TERRY (SNOOPY) JENKINS's Fundraising Page

Norfolk Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals, Inc.

27th Annual Dog Walk

Training buddies ZERO

TERRY (SNOOPY) JENKINS's Fundraising Page


 As most people know me personally Know that I adopted Zero form Norfolk SPCA when he was only three months old . I have been blessed with him and am proud to say that he has become a wonderful companion. We have been working together to learn things so that Zero and I can help other people too. Zero already passed and has his Canine Good Citizen certificate CGC and is in line for his Therapy Dogs International TDI certificate

 http://www.tdi-dog.org/tditesting.html . We want to give back to the Norfolk SPCA as much as we can and with your help hopefully we can accomplish our goal we are working hard along with Hampton Roads Obedient Training Center (HROTC)

 The ribbons you see in the picture are from his first Pre-Novas Obedience Rally Where He won 4th place on Saturday and 3rd place on Sunday .

On the 25th of October Zero and I will be walking along with others from HROTC we are all trying to meet our individual goal and we know we can do it as long as we try.

If we can help the SPCA than there could be other dogs out there that could become wonderful companions and possible Therapy Dogs too to help others. We can do it if we do it together Thanks

Terry & Zero

 PS  I want to Thank the people who do not have computers that are donating to this cause every penny helps to help the SPCA save and keep our little friends healthy and happy Thank-You again

Louis & Sara P. $5.00 ***  Ralph & Gloria M. $10.00 *** KATHLEEN J.C. $10.00 ***

CHARLIE WHO $20.00 *** BETTY E. W. $10.00 *** BONNIE M $10.00 ***

GERY & JERRY M. $20.00 *** PATRICIA A. D $20.00 ***

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TERRY (SNOOPY) JENKINS's Fundraising Page