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Tessa's Cure JM Fundraising Page

My name is Tessa Shevlin and I am 6 years old. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) when I was 4 years old. JDM is a disease that attacks my muscles and skin. It makes it difficult for me to keep up with my friends, climb stairs, and on some days even walk. My parents have to give me shots and I have lots of days at the hospital with more needles. I have to take lots of horrible medicines everyday too. I cannot do the activities other kids my age can do and have trouble having the energy to participate at school.

I have been getting treatment for my disease for over 2 years. I am hoping it will go into remission and I can stop going to the hospital. I have been lucky. Other kids have had horrible complications from their JDM. I am getting very strong and enjoy being able to do more things. I love to dance and run and dream of the day I can keep up with other kids.

There are very few kids with this disease so the doctors are still learning about it. Please help me raise money for the Cure JM Foundation. They are the only ones dedicated to finding a cure for my disease.

Here's what my family has done to raise money for Cure JM-

June 21st, 2011-

Summer Soltice at the Needle in Honor of Tessa Shevlin for the Benefit of The Cure JM Foundation

This was an AMAZING party of over 250 friends at the Seattle Space Needle. Guests learned about Juvenile Myositis, the Cure JM Foundation, supported our family, and had a great night with a silent auction, appetizers, dessert, and friends!

June 25th, 2011-

Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon/Half-Marathon-

Runners and volunteers wore their bright orange Cure JM shirts and raised awareness and funds while 'Going the Distance for Cure JM.'

Kids Marathon-

Friends gathered at our home June 18th, 2011 in their orange Cure JM shirts to complete their final mile of the Team Tessa Kids Marathon. The kids smiled, walked, ran, and enjoyed a great time with friends in the rain!

Questions? Ask us! -  jshevlin76@gmail.com or call 206-790-0010


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Tessa's Cure JM Fundraising Page
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