The Dupuis Family Wants Gifts!


The Dupuis Family Wants Gifts!

Celebrating the birthday of All of us....eventually

The Dupuis Family Wants Gifts!

Thank you for visiting our family fundraising page.

We're not shy....we want gifts! We want birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, thinking of you gifts, just because it's Tuesday gifts; gifts for the children, gifts for any state or national get the idea.

The reason? Because 27 Million human beings are slaves today, and we've got to do something.

So we are raising money for The A21 Campaign to help end slavery.

The average cost to support one girl rescued from slavery in their transition program is $3,000. WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE THIS IN 6 MONTHS!

Those girls need our we want your gifts.


The Dupuis Family -- Bryan, Penny, Evan, Adeline, Malina.

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