MicroGrants Water: Karambe Village, Rwanda

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MicroGrants Water: Karambe Village, Rwanda

MicroGrants Water: Karambe Village, Rwanda

A New Approach: Investing in Local Innovators

People  affected by a problem often know good solutions to it;  solutions that grow directly from their understanding of its complexity. Furthermore, communities are most likely to buy into a solution that they have proposed.  However, poor communities typically lack the resources to try these solutions, and international funds are too often out of their reach.  In many of the poorest parts of the world, all that’s needed is a small amount of funding coupled with support for the design and execution of their idea.  Spark MicroGrants fills this need. We are hosting local competitions to solve pressing problems. Local innovators submit proposals that they can implement to address that problem. We help refine these proposals over several iterations, and then fund the most promising ones. In addition to directly helping people in need, Spark MicroGrants cultivates new ideas and stimulates change from within communities.


Support Needed

Water: Karambe Village, Rwanda

The people of Karambe Village have insufficient access to clean water and have come together to address this issue. The village also faces problems dealing with electricity, poor schooling and lack of capital to start projects. The need for water though, is severe. There is a tap about three to five kilometers away from the community yet during the dry season the tap runs dry most days, providing water only a few times a month. The community members have already started designing a well and water storage system and will volunteer their time to building the projects if we can assist in getting the materials. Fred Rwangasana has a full time job and lives in Kigali but also has a chicken coup in Karambe, traveling there weekly. Fred is helping to facilitate this project and will help provide transparency. The community is very excited to finally improve access to clean water and thanks everyone who is supporting the project immensely! While this is a desperately needed project, it costs money to do it right. Please donate and help Karambe Village solve their problem of water access. 

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