Wave Week Moldova!


Wave Week Moldova!

Wave Week Moldova!

Wave Week MOLDOVA!


Have you heard about the Republic of Moldova?


Have you heard about the tremendous Moldovan young leaders ready to change their community?


Well, Wave Week is supporting these youth reach their full potential and do just that!


Affiliated with the Spark the Wave, Wave Week is a unique leadership and community service program organized by the Creative Development Association, US Alumni organization, and Peace Corps Volunteers.  We know that the youth are the future of Moldova, and we want to provide an education to put Moldova's future in their hands.


Wave Week will offer 100 teenagers from rural and urban communities the chance to learn and practice skills about teamwork and leadership, effective communication, planning and implementing community volunteer projects, motivation, active citizenship, human rights and diversity.  This fundraising opportunity will be able to provide financial support for those participants who are financially disadvantaged The program consists of a 6 day summer school followed by community volunteer projects organized by the teenagers with the support of the US Alumni community members, Peace Corps Moldova Volunteers and the Creative Development Association team of young dedicated Moldovan mentors.  


This camp is unique from all other camps in that we are offering the curriculum in both Romanian and English, so as to include students with different language abilities.  Additionally this year is the biggest we have ever been, and we are continuing to grow. We have been working throughout the year to make improvements, prepare staff, and make the camp even better than ever before!


The Wave Week summer school will take place between July 11-16th 2015. Wave Week youth will organize and implement service projects in their respective communities to make real, tangible change.  The youth of Moldova represent the future of Moldova, and Wave Week will equip them with the necessary skills.


Here is the story of one group of exceptional youth who epitomize the excelled and made real changes because of Wave Week 


“Let’s Make a Change” is in its 4th successful year of operation.  It is composed of a group of youth who are focusing of their volunteer efforts on specific at-risk families in their community.  Currently they are supporting two families: The Calarasis and the Andrienkos.  The Calarasi family consists of 3 children ages 2-7 who are taken care of by their grandparents because their mother is in jail.  They live in very difficult conditions in a room in a basement, unable to heat with a stove.  Heating the room is not possible given their economic situation.  The Andrienko family consists of consists of 5 members: a mother and 4 children aged between 8 and 14 years (three girls and a boy). They need clothes, school supplies and money for food.  The “Let's Make a Change” team has organized fundraising events in order to collect necessary items in an attempt to meet the families’ needs. 


Wave Week was able to equip these active youth with the capacity to change the lives of those in need.  We want to continue to change the lives of women, children, and elderly of Moldova, and by supporting our summer school program, we can empower the youth to make these changes.


Please help empower Moldovan youth so that they make a positive change in Moldova!



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