Tifferz Walks for the Wetlands!


Walk for the Wetlands 2011

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Tifferz Walks for the Wetlands!

Listen up, creeps and creepettes. I've decided to challange my beloved place of employement (Briljent! Briljent! Briljent!) by raising some scratch of my own for my favorite bunch of tree-hugginig, dirt-loving, toad-licking hippies, the Little River Wetlands Project. 

That's right, I'm walking for the wetlands again this year, and this time I'm raising more money. 500 buckos, suckas! I'm also setting a Team Superfriends goal of $1000, so if you decide to walk with us, don't expect that your measly registration fee is going to be enough (do you hear me, Baughman?).

So hand over the loot! It's for a most excellent cause. LRWP restores and protects wetlands in the greater Fort Wayne area. Eagle Marsh is one of my favorite places, and is home to some awesome herps, birds, plants, bugs, and other creepy stuff that makes my hippy heart go pitter-patter. BIODIVERSITY, friends! This crazy planet of ours has more than just icky humans on it--just ask that frowny old toad, DJ Toadybottom.

Spread the word, and GIMME YER MONEY!

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