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13th Annual Penguin Plunge

Hampton, New Hampshire

Tim Jones's Page

Hello Everyone,

I find myself in an interesting predicament. For some odd reason, I actually want to jump into the Atalantic Ocean on February 5, 2012. In order for me to do this, I have to raise money. It seems strange that I have to pay to go to the beach, right?

Well, all kidding aside, it is that time of year again. I am raising money for one of my favorite organizations - SPECIAL OLYMPICS. I have been directly involved with SO for two years now and I can tell you that this wonderful organization does bring happiness and joy to the lives of special people. I am looking to raise $500. Please find it in your hearts to give anything that you can to Special Olympics and help to maintain those wonderful smiles.

Simply follow the instructions on the page and your donation will go toward my goal. This will allow me to jump into a very cold ocean on what will probably be a very cold day. I thank you all and I hope you have a wonderful holiday and new year.


Tim Jones

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