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2015 UMPS CARE Golf Marathon

Mesa, Arizona

Tim Timmons's Page

On November 8th, I am playing in the 8th Annual UMPS CARE Charities Golf Marathon. We will be attempting to play 100 holes in one day. How much is 100 holes? That’s five and a half rounds – more than pros do in an entire weekend tournament and, at August Ranch, that’s more than 21,000 yards – or the distance a batter would run for 175 homers!

Please step up to the plate and support me in my fundraising efforts. Proceeds from the event fund the following youth and family care initiatives:

  • BLUE for Kids: a program that brings Build-A-Bear Workshop experiences to children coping with cancer and other serious illness. 
  • BLUE Crew Tickets: a program that provides memorable baseball experiences for children awaiting adoption and at-risk youth in mentoring programs. 
  • All-Star Scholarship: an initiative that offers financial support towards college education for children adopted from foster care system.

Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made online or by personal check. Any amount is greatly appreciated but here is a guideline:

SINGLE = $25 DOUBLE = $50 HOME RUN = $100 GRAND SLAM = $250+

DONATE ONLINE: Click the "DONATE" button at the top.

DONATE BY MAIL: CLICK to PRINT Donation Form and mail in.

FACEBOOK: Visit and join our Facebook page to view photos of the most recent hospital and ticket events. http://www.facebook.com/UmpsCare

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