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2012 Family & Friends Campaign

Tisha Mette's Page

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for visiting our 2012 Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) Family and Friends fundraising page!! TACA is an amazing organization that provides education, support, and assistance for families with autism. My family would sincerely appreciate your support - please consider making a donation this year, no amount is too small!

As many of you know, our world was turned upside down when our son Ayden was diagnosed with autism. He had met all of his developmental milestones and was a happy, healthy baby until the summer of 2006 when he suffered a dramatic regression. He was officially diagnosed with autism in 2007. During the first few years after his diagnosis, autism controlled our lives. Sadness, frustration and loneliness consumed our lives; Ayden spent most of his days crying; struggled with various medical issues, such as constant yeast infections, bacterial infections and severe allergies; lost his ability to speak and had trouble sleeping. I spent many sleepless nights reading, researching and looking for answers and ways to help Ayden feel better. We had lost our happy, engaging, loving little boy and wanted him back!

Those sleepless nights paid off because we found TACA!!! TACA provided us with an autism journey blueprint, gave us information on how to possibly help Ayden feel better, tips on how to advocate effectively, and most importantly they gave us HOPE! With all of the information we received from TACA, we made some tough choices, experimented with various treatments (mainstream and alternative), and even moved to Minnesota this past summer in order to get Ayden some of the best therapies and services around. Our move has put us hours away from our support system of family and friends – I won’t lie, it has been tough and sometimes pretty isolating but Ayden is making fabulous progress which makes the sacrifices and changes worth it all.

With our move to Minnesota came a wonderful opportunity to bring back the TACA Minnesota Chapter – it had been on hiatus for a year or so. Starting April 2012, I will be coordinating the TACA Minnesota chapter meetings and events. I am so excited to share TACA’s message of HOPE, educate, support and assist families on the autism journey. I look forward to sharing Ayden’s story – because of TACA, various biomedical treatments, fabulous therapists and MORE work than any one person could imagine, Ayden is making his way back to us!! He feels better, allergies are under control, talks NON-STOP and sleeps like a baby! He amazes us every day and LOVES therapy – he is working so hard to catch up to his peers so he can join them at school soon. We are so proud of him and so thankful for TACA!!

In 2005, Autism affected 1 in every 166, in 2007 Autism affected 1 in every 150, and today......AUTISM currently affects 1 in every 88 children (1 in 54 boys). Talk About Curing Autism supports almost 28,000 families each year at no cost to them.

How does TACA help families?
• Monthly Parent Education Meetings including up-to-date books for the resource library
• TACA Journey Guides free to all new families
• Financial Scholarships for families in need
• New Parent Seminars
• Parent Mentor Program
• Increased Autism Awareness through TACA brochures, bookmarks, participating in conferences, and distributing "My Child has Autism" cards
• TACA's amazing website including, Live Chat
• Adopt-a-Family Holiday Program
• Autism Cares TACA is a partner member, providing financial support for families during national disasters and catastrophic life events

Donating to this website is simple, fast, completely secure and 100 percent tax-deductible. We thank you so much for your support. Please forward this to others!

Ryan, Tisha, Alli and Ayden

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