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Ciara's Fund

Every animal that comes into the Champaign County Humane Society (CCHS) gets a certain amount of medical care. There are vaccinations, flea and tick medication, worming, heartworm tests, feline leukemia tests, and, if necessary, spay or neuter surgery. 

Every now and then a dog like Ciara comes to the shelter needing much more than that. In addition to all of the regular care, Ciara needed:

* surgery to remove an obstruction from her stomach,

* barium x-rays to help diagnose her regurgitation issue,

* hip and back x-rays to help diagnose her lower back pain,

* blood tests to diagnose her hypothyroid condition,

* post-surgery antibiotics,

* non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to ease the pain in her back, and

* medication to help control her thyroid problem.

It’s wonderful that our local shelter can provide this type of care when needed, but a case like Ciara’s depletes the funds available for extraordinary care. Local veterinarians often help by discounting or donating services, but CCHS has to cover many of the costs. We’d like to help CCHS refresh their reserves so there will be money available for the next dog or cat that needs some extra help.

By making a donation to “Ciara’s Fund” you can be a part of the generous group of donors that lets our shelter continue to go beyond basic care when necessary. Please help by clicking the Donate button and making a contribution. It means a lot to the homeless dogs and cats at CCHS.

Thank you!

Tom & Harriett

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