Team RWB JFK 50 mile


Team RWB JFK 50 mile

Team RWB JFK 50 mile

Why would I think about running 50 miles in a day? 

Over the past years, I've met hundreds of non-profits that all seek to improve veterans' lives. The one I'm most excited about today is the one that has changed my life for the better - Team RWB.

Team RWB's mission is clear: to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.  Their approach is simple which is why your dollars go far.  Get veterans and members of a community together. Work out.  Challenge each other.  Lives improve.  They've kept their overhead low, their mission clear and now they are scaling at an incredible rate. Tens of thousands of Veterans lives are better, including mine.

So on November 23rd, I and dozens of other Veterans will push ourselves and each other 50 miles, up over mountains and through the woods in the JFK 50 miler.  For the record, my longest run is 26.2 so this will be new territory.  

Your contribution will help Veterans live better lives, and motivate me to get through.  

What should you give is what you can give.  Even if you can't give, follow along at @sowers...will be an adventure.

$500 -- The A-Team.  Be one of 10 that sponsor me for a full hour of running.  

$100 -- Team Miler.  Sponsor one of the 50 miles.  

$50 -- Team Fueler.  No matter where I am on the course, I'll need fuel to keep me going.

Thank you so much for your contribution and support!



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