Racing for veterans and citizens

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Racing for veterans and citizens

Racing for veterans and citizens

Hi all,

I just confirmed that I'll be able to run my first 'adventure' race in a number of years. It is coming up quick (this Saturday), and I'd like to use it as an opportunity to raise some funds for a start-up Missouri non-profit that is doing some incredible work. 

About the Center for Citizen Leadership: A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that is seeking to develop, enable, and celebrate Citizen Leaders. The Center offers fellowships to returning veterans-with special attentions to wounded and service disabled veterans-in hopes to develop young Citizen Leaders through community participation, service and reflection.

The directors/founders of this non-profit are some friends of mine.  They literally used their combat pay to get this up and running and have already made a great impact.  Helping veterans, inspiring citizens to do is a great program.  I met up with Kaj and Ken at last week's incredible Service Nation Summit in New York. Part of that call to service was to spend September 27th in a day of service...and it just so happens the race falls on that day.

About the race:  The Men's Health Urbanathlon is billed as an urban adventure race. Starting in Central Park, I'll cover an eight mile course, going over obstacles and climbing up the 52 flights of stairs of 7 World Trade Center.  Most run this in relays as part of a team.  I am doing this solo.  My goal is to finish ahead of some of the relay teams.  It is going to be some sort of fun.

Thanks a ton for your help--any amount helps.  Be a 'stair-climber' and donate a dollar for each flight of stairs ($52)!


9/25/08 UPDATE


I really have been amazed and humbled by your genorosity.  Thank you so much.  I now have plenty of spiritual fuel to get me up those stairs.

Again, many thanks.





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