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Namaste and thank you

Namaste and thank you

Namaste and thank you!

Yoga Moves MS Raises funds for Scholarships

Diane Ring and Mindy Eisenberg

spearhead this amazing effort.

Diane Ring of Farmington Hills, a wife, mother, avid yoga student and executive coach celebrating her 11-year MS anniversary teams up with some of the area’s best yoga instructors to raise awareness and yoga scholarship funds for MS. “The mission is to raise $1 for each of Michigan's 18,000 residents who suffer daily challenges from MS,” notes event co-chair, Mindy Eisenberg, a MHSA, RYT-500, who specializes in teaching therapeutic yoga for students with MS. 

Mindy Eisenberg states, "a main goal is for our students to feel better and feel good about themselves.  This happens with an increased mind-body awareness in addition to increased strength and flexibility.  Yoga calms the nervous system, counters spasticty, reduces fatigue and increases energy level for those with MS."

Examples of benefits to therapeutic yoga are provided below as described in the following student quotes:

"Over the last 23 years, I have gone through various extensive, even multi-year, physical therapy regimens. With the combination of stretching and controlled non-aerobic muscle exercises, Yoga has been the best at helping identify and use the last, or thought to be lost, muscles and nerves."

 "I was pleasantly surprised that I felt more "limber" when I got home that evening.  Yesterday at work I noticed better control while walking, and still today I feel pretty much the same.  I've even been actually walking down the stairs like a normal person instead of taking one step at a time.  I may not go too fast, but it's a huge improvement compared to the last several months."

"Through the practice of yoga, I am learning new ways to move to make it easier on my body.  I think a little bit about the mechanics of a move now before I start to do it.  I feel that I am getting stronger and doing better by using better breathing techniques."

"The benefits of this class for me are almost too numerous to list.  Benefits are twofold, both physical and emotional."

"I would like to not have MS. I wish that when I stand to walk, a miracle would happen and I could walk and run just like I used to. However, when I cross the threshold into the yoga studio, there is no judgment.  We are all the same, and this yoga class provides that respite and solace just for 2 hours, I am able to leave MS at the door for a short while."

Check out Diane's Blog:

100% of your donations will go toward a much needed yoga scholarship program sponsored by the MS Foundation for patients in Michigan who suffer from MS and financial need, but wish to use yoga therapy to address symptoms.

The MS Foundation supports the investigation of various medical and complementary treatment options. To learn more about the great work of Diane and Mindy, please feel free to contact them directly. 

Diane Ring at or 586-942-5085 and Mindy Eisenberg at or 248-417-5985.


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100% of funds will support Yoga for MS!