Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund


Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund

In memory of Injured Marines in the Global War on Terror

Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund

We are Marines currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  As Marines, we recognize how the strain of injuries multiplies the existing stress on military families.  We also possess a strong sense of duty to take care of our own.  Like many of you, we have personally felt the effects of war as some of our closest friends and family members have sustained injuries in the Global War on Terror.  Additionally, we know more Marines will inevitably sustain injuries in future operations.  It is our desire to give something back to those Sailors and Marines for their sacrifices.  This is why we are running a 5k race on 13 Dec 2008 and 10 Jan 2009 to raise money for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

Over the past four years, the Semper Fi Fund has provided much needed relief to families of injured Marines and Sailors when they need it most.  The fund offers grants to cover medical treatment and special equipment, travel expenses, and other unexpected costs during this time of need (For more information on the Semper Fi Fund, visit  In short, when the overwhelming stress of sustaining combat injuries takes a toll on a family, this fund reduces the financial burden and allows the Marine or Sailor and the family to focus on recovery.   For these reasons, we cannot think of a better cause to give our time and efforts.
We are dedicating this event in remembrance of all Marines and Sailors who have been injured in action and to support all those who may be injured in future engagements. So far in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, thousands of servicemembers have been injured or wounded, affecting many Americans in some form or another. If you are like most, you have probably known at least one Marine or Sailor who has sacrificed his or her safety and the wellbeing of his or her family in service of our country.  They are our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, grandchildren, and friends.  It is our duty to help when an otherwise strong, capable, self-reliant Marine is injured and needs assistance.  Perhaps you have personally received assistance from the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund in the past, and you would like to ensure the fund is around to help Marines in the future. Regardless of your motivations, the fund relies on the generosity of people like yourself to care for our Marines and their families. If you share our desire to give back to our Marines and Sailors who sacrifice daily for us, please join us in reaching our goal of $10,000 for this cause. 
Donating through this site is quick and simple, offering an easy way to support our Marines.  Simply follow the directions after clicking the “Give Now” button below.  Also, please help us in spreading the word about this event by encouraging your friends and family to join us in our efforts.

If you would like to join our group and participate as a runner to help us raise additional funds, we welcome your motivation, commitment, and courage to help make a difference.  Please contact Travis Yates at and provide him your name, which will be added to the list of participants at the bottom of the webpage. What we ask from you is that you go on a run of your own and forward this webpage ( out to your friends and family, post it on your webpages and facebook accounts, etc.  Chances are if you were directed to this page, someone you care about is in the military. Honor them by taking a little run (an excellent way to end the year/bring in the New Year) and raising money for such an excellent cause. 

On behalf of all Marines and Sailors currently preserving our freedom, we thank you in advance for your contributions.  Our Marines and Sailors are proud to give to their country; let us be proud to give back to them.

Robert Grass
Bering Tsang
Ben Kezar

Travis and Andrea Yates

Dave Bauman
Wes Tucker
Kevin and Michiru Ackermann
Shane Selsor

Timothy Stevenson
Jason Morgan and family
Yolanda Ayala and family
Bill Sims
Frank and Kristy Weber
Jeffrey Cheeseman
John Jencura
Nathaniel Melnick
Eric Sampson
Andy and Elizabeth Koch
Dave Donnelly
Random Snyder-Beuch
Elliot Pete
CWO2 Tauriac
CWO2 Delle
CWO2 Ballenger
GySgt Glassford
SSgt Williams
SSgt Perez
Sgt Robinson
Cpl Buffa
Cpl Ottum
Cpl Muniz
Cpl Campbell
Cpl McKinney
Cpl Shea
LCpl Burkett
LCpl Taylor
LCpl Cazares
LCpl Mathis
LCpl Chac
LCpl Cramer
LCpl Dahilog
LCpl Gardner
LCpl Smith
LCpl Martinezambriz
LCpl Torresbenitez
LCpl McMorris
LCpl Solorzano
PFC Delacruz
PFC Fennelly
Mr. Perez
Ms. and Mr. Glassford
LCpl Nichols
HM2 Garvey
Jason Valdovinos

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