Trenton Kindred


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Trenton Kindred

Trenton's Story

Trenton is the 7-year old son of Greg and Ginger Kindred of Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been a miracle twice; once at birth and once at “re-birth” after enduring stage IV cancer after only been given a 20% chance of survival. He’s had lots of family, friends, and kind strangers abroad praying for and loving him for 6 years now. They’ve prayed him through a second miracle and are now praying for his cancer to never return. Trenton’s diagnoses was on March 18, 2005, (5 days after his 1st birthday) and a day that will never escape our minds.

His cancer was called high risk, stage IV neuroblastoma N-MYC amplified cancer, which means…70% of reoccurrence. Neuroblastoma is described as a vicious disease, a form of cancer that occurs in infants and children, but rarely with children over the age of 10. Neuroblastoma is by far the most common cancer in infants and the third most common type of cancer in children. There is NO known cure for neuroblastoma. We had never heard of it ourselves until that dreadful day, but there are approximately 650 new cases each year. The sad thing is, if you beat the disease, high risk means a 70% chance of relapse. WE NEED nothing less than A CURE so we can beat this ruthless disease once and for all!

Trenton, at minimum, endured 5 rounds of chemotherapy followed by stem cell harvesting for 2 contiguous bone marrow transplants. Between chemo and harvesting, Trenton had many viruses overcome his body, 9 infected port lines, fevers too many times to count, and seemingly endless vomiting and low blood counts. In total, he was in and out of the hospital for a total of 8 months and very sick. Through it all, Trenton was a tremendous fighter, even at the young age of one, the hardest battle and toughest fight was his BMT #1 for 37 days in the hospital. There were 7 grueling days into that fight of transplant that we thought we would lose Trenton. As he struggled to breathe and bring his fight back up to fighting order, we held him in our arms day and night hardly letting go a minute. Thanks to the prayers of many, with faith, love, a lot of hope, and his strong will to hang on, he made it!

Then after BMT 1 and 2, Trenton rested and recuperated at home for about a month and then started radiation in December for 21 days straight through the holidays. As he was put to sleep every day for those 21 days, he was a hero all the way through once again! Trenton's final protocol was oral chemo twice a day for 6 months. He completed protocol and No Evidence of Disease on June 11, 2006. Trenton remains living the cure to this day, with hope outweighing our fears of relapse!

We live each day like it’s our last, as we watch our two sons bond together as brothers, playing football, baseball, and enjoying all of what life has to offer. When we hear the loud Trenton giggle-laugh that expels through the house, it reminds us daily of the days that weren’t full of giggles, but now a house full life. Trenton has shown our entire family and close friends how to embrace all the small joys of life and how to fight. Our hope is that we will find a cure for this disease and we will be able to say that we did it because of Trenton and with family and friends supporting us in this journey.

Paying it forward for the rest of our days……….until we find a CURE.

Believing in miracles, love to all, thanks for continuing to fight with us,

-The Kindred family – (Greg, Ginger, Taylor and Trenton)

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