Team T-RJ - Break-a-Thon 2011


Team T-RJ - Break-a-Thon 2011

Team T-RJ - Break-a-Thon 2011


Hello and thank you for visiting our FirstGiving page! Our names are Ray Zeglin & Trevor Liss. We're here to raise $3,000 for Operation Smile and the American Red Cross. Hopefully you will help us by donating to our program, called the TOMA 2011 Break-A-Thon.

The Break-A-Thon is a fundraising program created by Elite TOMA, a local Tae-Kwon-Do school in Randolph, NJ. In this program TOMA students will work hard to raise money and earn boards (for every $5 dollars raised we earn one board). We want to raise enough for 600 boards between the two of us! Then, on October 22, there will be a board-breaking marathon using the boards we earned. All the profits go to Operation Smile and the American Red Cross. All in all, it makes for a fun time for everybody while we learn the important characteristics of being a leader (self-discipline, perseverance, and confidence) and act as a contributing member of our community. In 2010 the TOMA 2011 Break-A-Thon raised enough money to break over 10,000 boards!

Also, please look at our lives in and out of TOMA!

Hello, my name is Trevor Liss and I am a bodan (belt before black belt) at Elite TOMA. I am also on the Special Winning Attitude Team (SWAT) to demonstrate what I have learned to younger students. Outside my life at TOMA, I am in 5th grade at Center Grove Elementary School. At home, I have two dogs named Jordan and Hallie. I can't wait for this year's Break-A-Thon! This is my 5th year doing it. Until the time comes, I will work hard towards our goal of $3,000 by contributing from my savings, standing outside local stores asking for donations, asking my friends and family to support Operation Smile and the American Red Cross, and using this FirstGiving page.

Hello, my name is Ray Zeglin and I am also a bodan at Elite TOMA and on the SWAT team. I go to Center Grove School and at home I have a step-brother and sister and 3 dogs, April, Bubba, and Molly. I am doing the Break-a-Thon to raise money for Operation Smile and the American Red Cross. This is important to me because without my support, they would not be able to do as many operations or help as many people facing disasters. Trevor and I are going to spend most of our free time for the next 6 weeks to raise money by asking people to donate money, creating this FirstGiving webpage, and giving my own money. I am going to have a lemonade stand and a bake sale and donate all of the proceeds to the Break-a-Thon.

Any money that you give us is appreciated, even if it is a little bit. For every $5 that we raise, we will break a board. Our goal is to break 300 boards each, so we can donate $3000 to Operation Smile and the American Red Cross.
One easy way to donate money is to think about all the loose change that you have around. All those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters add up. We are donating all the change we have saved throughout the year. We are also organizing a “Change for Change” drive at our school asking our classmates to bring in their loose change to make a change in someone’s life. Maybe you can take your change to the bank and donate the "found" change to our cause.

Hopefully you decide to donate after knowing about us, TOMA, and our plans of action.

Thank you for your support!                                                               
Team T-RJ
Trevor Liss and Ray Zeglin


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