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Ramah Galil Ride 2011

Galil, Israel, 

Trisha Felgar's Fundraising Page

Hi everyone...
Well, this year I have decided to make 2011 a year of personal goals and committing my time to raising money for various organizations.

When a friend approached me to join her on a bike ride through Israel I wasn't sure what to say..of course, my initial reaction was "NO"..however, I couldn't get it out of my head! So, after doing some research I decided to embark on this incredible journey of peronal growth all while raising funds for an outstanding organization.

The Ramah Gamil Ride raises funds for children with special needs.  This money allows them to attend programs, camps and activities with their peers.

Being a mother to two boys I felt it was important for them to understand that we can all make a difference in the lives of someone else-whether they are someone we know or a stranger, we can all make an impact!!

I will be joining another 39 riders on a bike ride through Israel...the funds being raised for this ride go directly to the National Ramah Commission...please help support this great cause! Thank you in advance, Trisha Felgar


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