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Troy Foster's White Rock Marathon Fundraising Page

Hello Friends and Family!  I am really running a marathon!  In deciding to run the Dallas White Rock Marathon, I felt I needed to do something bigger than just run for myself.  If I can put one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles, I can definitely aid some families in desperate need of clean water.  Sponsor me & TWV for one dollar per mile ($26.20) or give more :).  If ya could just spare a dollar, that would be awesome too.  I hope you can help me on this journey!

Follow my training progress on my blog:  run with gusto!

Event:  Dallas White Rock Marathon - Dec. 13, 2009 


World Vision works to tackle the root causes of poverty by working with children, families, and their communities to provide things like clean water, health care, nutritious food, education, and economic opportunities.

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